Authentic Content That Drives Engagement 

Are your emails being ignored, or are too many people unsubscribing from your mailing list? How many of your events are half empty because your announcements aren't effective enough? It's hard for an event on Facebook to get noticed these days and it's becoming more and more difficult for emails to reach customers — the average person receives about 121 emails a day.

But there is a way to get your message to stand out. 

Story-Infused Content

At DMG Marketing, we create messaging that educates, entertains and inspires by way of story. Messaging that engages customers, provides value and keeps them coming back for more. 

Email Marketing | Newsletters

Nurture and sales campaigns that stand out in an overcrowded inbox. Newsletters so engaging and relevant that customers are excited to read them. 

Event Promotion

Compelling multi-platform campaigns with stunning visuals and compelling copy that draws people in and fills up your events.

Social Media Marketing

A social media strategy that educates and engages – content that builds relationships and drives business. 

Articles and Blogs

Articles that capture your unique voice and deliver value to your customers. 

Journalism + Digital Expertise

Denise Gordon, Content Creator | Project Manager 

In 2017, I left my job at one of the world's biggest publishing companies — where I spent nearly two decades writing about fashion for an audience of 2.5 million — to help small businesses and nonprofits create effective communications.

I saw small business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to get their messages out. Not only is creating and executing a marketing strategy time-consuming, but navigating the digital platforms — websites, social media and email — can be like learning multiple new languages. Plus, in order to stand out from competitors, the content has to be interesting and well thought out. 

By combining my writing, design and marketing expertise, I'm able to help my  clients craft messaging that stands out.

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